VIIRS Downloads

VIIRS View Spinning Marble App

VIIRS AppRaytheon’s VIIRS View app provides a glimpse into the type of data meteorologists and climatologists use every day to track the weather and monitor the Earth’s environment.

VIIRS View illustrates three types of data sets – visible imagery, chlorophyll concentration and low-light imagery – a subset of the information provided by the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite.

Download the computer app below or visit the Google Play Store and iTunes Store to run VIIRS View on your Android, iPhone and iPad.


Download VIIRS App for Windows

PC Requires 220 MB of local disk space Optimized for Windows 7, 64 bit Internet access


Download VIIRS App for Windows

Mac Requires 220 MB of local disk space MacOS 10.7.5 or higher Internet access

HTML 5 Web App

Download VIIRS App for Windows

Instructions for downloading VIIRS App

After clicking the link to the file, you will be prompted to run or save the file. Clicking save or run will prompt the file to self-extract and create a new folder in the c:\ directory by default or one of your choosing. Double click the file named Spinning_Marble_v01.exe in the newly created folder to start the application.

Clicking the link to the Mac version of the application will download a .zip file to your computer. Unzip the file to begin using the application.

HTML 5 Web App
The application will begin running on your internet browser after clicking this link. You will be prompted to download the Unity 3D engine to render the graphics.


VIIRS Wallpaper

Instructions for downloading wallpaper.

Wallpaper Instructions

Windows Desktop

Click the 'Desktop' link below the image of your choice. In the next window, right-click the image and choose 'Set as Background' from the menu. If the image stretches, please check your computer display settings.

Mac OS 10 Desktop

Click the 'Desktop' link below the image of your choice. In the next window, click and drag the image to your Pictures folder. Hold down the Control button on your keyboard while clicking on an empty area of your computer desktop. Choose 'Change Desktop Background...' from the menu. Navigate to the image that you have chosen and click on it. Choose a display option from the drop down menu.

iPad and iPhone

Click the link for your device below the image of your choice. In the next window, touch and hold the image and choose 'Save Image' from the menu. Go to Settings, Brightness and Wallpaper, click the Wallpaper, select Camera Roll, choose an image, move and scale if desired, then choose whether to set as Lock Screen, Home Screen or Both.