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RPS has introduced a new end-to-end learning management services solution that is affordable, scalable and reliable — and backed by an experienced and responsive support team. Flex Learning Management Services offers users an open-source learning system paired with comprehensive migration, implementation, consulting and support services that will transform and enhance current learning environments.

Flex Learning Management Services is changing the face of learning management today, providing:

  • Speedy implementation — RPS can implement your new learning management system (LMS) in less than a day rather than the two to six weeks required for many systems.
  • Flexible, cost-effective pricing — Flex Learning Management Services offers lower costs through an open-source platform that is secure, scalable and agile.
  • Efficient, pain-free, quality-controlled migration — For a large global company, RPS merged records from six LMSs, migrated 43 million records and simplified course content from 105,000 courses to 20,000 —' all while maintaining data integrity.
  • Private cloud learning technology — Flex Learning Management Services offers each client a state-of-the-art private cloud that ensures their system is secure and can auto-scale as needed.
  • Global support — Flex Learning Management Services is available in 22 languages. We offer up-front LMS consultation services and ongoing LMS support based on clients' needs. RPS currently supports customers of various sizes, scopes and complexities in over 100 countries.


Flex Learning Management Services includes the 100 percent open-source learning platform by Totara Learning. The highly customisable system allows for quick configuration and combines superior usability with functionality to enhance training and collaboration for both formal and informal learning.

RPS readily assists with data mapping and migration from current learning systems, ensuring that data is cleansed, formatted, validated and tested before transferring to a new system. This maintains important data from the user's legacy systems and keeps historical reporting intact.

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