AN/PAS-13 Thermal Weapon Sight

superior thermal imaging technology, day or night

Raytheon is the undisputed leader in design, development and delivery of thermal weapons sights to the U.S. Army, and to date have produced over 70,000 for the military. Currently under contract with the U.S. Army, Raytheon is producing the next generation of thermal weapon sights that incorporate the latest thermal imaging modules coupled with semiconductor manufacturing cost-reducing techniques. Raytheon was chosen in a winner-take-all competitive contract to deliver medium and heavy thermal weapon sights. Most recently introduced at the 2013 International Defence Exhibition, Raytheon has added a new clip-on thermal weapon sight to its TWS product line.

Proven Technology

The AN/PAS-13B Thermal Weapons Sight (TWS) is an advanced infrared weapon sight developed by the U.S. Army and Raytheon. The combat-proven AN/PAS-13B combines rugged, lightweight, modular construction with superior thermal imaging technology to give today's warfighter the ability to shoot equally well day or night, significantly increasing survivability and lethality margins on the 21st century battlefield.

Clear Advantage Over Image Intensifiers

Unlike image intensifiers that require low levels of light to operate effectively, the TWS requires no visible light to operate and will not shut down or "bloom" when hit by direct light. Equally important, its use cannot be detected, since it operates silently and emits no heat or RF energy.

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