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Trusted Thin Client® Virtual Access Implementation

Secure access from within a virtual machine

Trusted Thin Client® Virtual Access Implementation provides users with secure simultaneous access to information on any number of networks from a single endpoint. The client software runs as a guest system within a virtual machine manager (VMM) with support for Type 1 and Type 2 hypervisors. Designed for enterprise deployments, the solution provides administrators with centralized management and monitoring, scalability to easily add networks and clients, and the flexibility to reuse existing workstations or laptops.

Features and Benefits

  • Included in the Unified Cross Domain Services Management Office (UCDSMO) Baseline List
  • Evaluated for operation at Protection Level 4 (PL4)
  • Data is not stored locally so it cannot be copied to an external device or transferred
  • Consolidates the user environment; eliminates the need for multiple desktops
  • Reuse existing desktop workstation hardware
  • Runs on Windows or UNIX host operating systems
  • Integrates with common virtualization and consolidation technologies – Citrix®, Microsoft®, VMware®, and Virtual Bridges VERDE™
  • Centralized enterprise support from the Distribution Console or Distribution Console clusters
  • Support for expandable network connections from the Distribution Console
  • Scalable with failover
  • Substantial savings in cost, space, power, and cooling
  • For users requiring intensive applications and access to isolated networks