Specter TR Tri-FOV Weapon Sight

The new ELCAN Specter® TR 1-3-9x Tri-FOV Military Combat Weapon Sight is the world’s first three field-of-view optical weapon sight. It is available in both 5.56 and 7.62 configurations. The unique design maximizes combat effectiveness by providing precision close quarter, mid-range, and long range engagement capability. The sight’s durability, versatility, and extra-long eye relief provides the user with an unmatched advantage on the battlefield.

The unity magnification provides a 16° viewing angle and an extremely fast, “both eyes open” target acquisition capability maximized by a red aiming dot and at least 70mm eye relief.

At 3x magnification, the sight offers a field-of-view of 6°, range compensating reticle, and precision mid-range marksmanship capability.

In 9x, a crystal clear 2° viewing angle provides unmatched long-range target detection, identification, and engagement capability – all in a compact, lightweight 264 mm, 829 g (scope and mount) telescopic package.

The magnification of the ELCAN Specter TR Tri-FOV weapon sight switches easily and quickly using a 3-position dial mounted on the side of the optical housing.


The ELCAN Specter TR 1-3-9x Tri-FOV military weapon sight maximizes combat effectiveness by providing close quarter, mid-range and long-range engagement capability. This sight eliminates the need to carry multiple optics into combat, which saves money and reduces a soldier’s weight burden.