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Two-way Speech-to-Speech Translation

BBN Technologies’ TransTalk™ is a portable, two-way translation device that facilitates the exchange of information across language barriers.

English language speech is automatically translated and spoken in the foreign language. The foreign language speaker’s response is then automatically translated into English. BBN’s speech-to-speech translation technology is language independent and can be configured for any language pairing.

TransTalk screen


  • Force-on-force training
  • Private peer-to-peer communication between military officers
  • Military intelligence gathering
  • Medical or refugee scenarios
  • Civil and administrative meetings such as SWET surveys
  • Session logging and evidence gathering


  • Full two-way translation of speech
  • Eyes-free mode for more natural conversation
  • Searchable audio log for review of conversations
  • Recognizes and translates free form speech
  • Configurable for new languages and specific technical domains

Supported Language Pairs

  • English ↔ Iraqi Arabic
  • English ↔ Pashto
  • English ↔ Dari
  • English ↔ Farsi
  • English ↔ Malaysian
  • English ↔ Indonesian

Superior Performance

In a recent third-party evaluation, BBN TransTalk™ outperformed competing devices in both accuracy and usability. As a pioneer in speech and language technologies, BBN has a long track record of excellence in many areas of the field. Its experience as a contractor on some of the largest government research and development programs has established a robust state-of-the-art core technology.


BBN’s TransTalk™ speech translation software runs in real time on Android phones, tablets, and laptops. No network connectivity is required. On Android, Transtalk is available in one– and two–phone configurations. The two–phone configuration enables natural, mixed–initiative interaction without tethering between speakers.