Tactical Display Framework Portal

Raytheon Solipsys is an industry leader in the development of integrated Command and Control (C2) network-centric solutions for the domestic and international DoD and Homeland Security. We provide the C2 infrastructure necessary to effectively control security and military forces in any environment.

Our product suite allows customers to augment existing programs with custom elements or construct an entire distributed Command and Control system from the ground up. All products, technical support, training, and analysis packages are offered through traditional contracting vehicles and are available on the GSA schedule to simplify procurement.

Tactical Display Framework Portal (TDF) Portal is a unique, high-performance, browser-based visualization and collaboration tool that empowers personnel at all levels of command and control to gain and maintain situational awareness using only an internet connection and a web browser. It extends TDF’s single integrated picture beyond the operations floor to any authorized remote display. Near real-time updates of network track feeds, collaborative chat and white boarding, combined with robust map and imagery support, tabular display information, and bearing and range lines ensure that decision makers at all levels have the information they need right at their fingertips. Because Portal runs entirely within a web browser, you can connect to the situation picture on-demand and from any available hardware, without the need to install any special software.

It’s your data. Arrange it your way.

Portal’s unique mash-up interface allows you to arrange your view of the situation picture however you like it. Each feature is contained within a Portlet that can be dropped anywhere within the Portal workspace. Add one or more Map Views, Track Lists, Detail Blocks, and Alert panels and lay them out so they best support your mission. Your layout is saved automatically for future use, or you can save and restore from multiple layouts by name. You can even share your layouts for use by other operators or for presentation on a shared display.

Grab hold of the tactical situation.

Portal automatically displays tracks, overlays, points and targets atop your maps so you always have the latest situation picture immediately at hand. Customizable, push-button filter toggles make it easy to isolate just the information you need to see. Or switch to spotlighting mode to find the objects you’re looking for without losing the context of what’s around them. Familiar rollover and selection gestures make it easy to display details about objects of interest. Use bearing/range lines to keep track of relationships between objects. Even create new points to contribute back to the situation picture just by clicking on the map.


Portal gives you the tools you need to participate directly in mission operations. Use Telestrator to scribble directly on the map, and share your drawings with all members of your collaboration, whether they sit at a full-up TDF-based workstation or in front of another Portal. Use Chat for real-time, two-way communications with everyone in your collaboration, or start a private chat with another operator. Portal’s unique data detection capability automatically recognizes track numbers, geographic positions, and grid cells within chat messages so you can jump right to the actual object of discussion.

Take it global.

Portal’s Map Views provide complete global coverage, and are fully interactive to make it easy to get where you want to go. Each Map View is made up of its own list of map layers, so you can see your terrain data, charts, street maps, satellite or aerial photography, multi-spectral imagery, or any combination of those maps, at any resolution. When combined with Meridian, Raytheon Solipsys’ geospatial intelligence server, you can even overlay remote imagery sources via WMS.

Key Features:

  • Simplifies the sharing of real-time situation information both throughout and beyond the theater of operations.
  • Works seamlessly with TDF and Meridian to ensure all of the most important information is available from any authorized computer.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use drag and drop interface dramatically reduces or eliminates training requirements.
  • Zero-configuration, on-demand software deployment eliminates installation and maintenance burden at client sites.
  • Modest system requirements enable client operations from any available workstation or laptop.
  • Centralized administration makes it easy to add, remove or disable remote users at any time.