Defence Targeting Toolset (DTT)

Raytheon UK's DTT capability is the solution of choice for the Ministry of Defence (MOD)'s deliberate targeting capability, for use by high-level MOD users and deployed tactical users. Providing a repository or targeting information coupled with the rapid deconfliction of planned tasks in time and space, DTT uses modern web-browser-based software and distributed technology to increase tempo and reduce the opportunity for human error.

Experience gained from recent military operations has underlined the need for timely use of data from intelligence sources to inform targeting decisions and enable the correct level of command authorisation required during today's operations. DTT accomplishes all of this as a distributed software application that interfaces with existing intelligence and mapping sources and is operated via a web browser.

Product Capability:

  • Markedly decreases time sent in the target planning and approval process.
  • Consolidates information from many sources under a single graphical user interface.
  • Distributes synchronised data between all levels of the targeting chain, in the UK and across operational theatres.
  • Allows timely access to target information (images, video, graphics and text, etc) consolidated in one place.
  • Is the first system to utilise the MOD's chosen Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) open architecture system.
  • Ensures that the user can check new plans against any other existing plans which are occurring in the same time or space.
  • Produces standardised, automated, authorisation documents, ready to be viewed and approved by the chain of command.
  • Can import a variety of geographic mapping sources by using a direct interface to the MOD's Geospatial Information System.
  • Has a Task Synchronisation Matrix (TSM) that enables the user to deconfict targets in time and space, toggling between this timeline view and the integrated mapping viewer.
  • Provides a comprehensive audit trail that allows for post-event audit of targeting decision data.