TacLink® Tactical Router

TacLink Makes the Net Work™

The TacLink® 3310 provides a powerful, field-proven tactical networking capability and combat net radio interoperability.


TacLink® devices are versatile, highly programmable devices which use a 32-bit communications processor with field-programmable firmware and downloadable applications. The system allows analog systems to be used on digital networks. 

Like all TacLink® products, the TacLink® 3310 supports over 25 link layer protocols in use by the joint services. The TacLink® 3310 interfaces to a large array of tactical devices. Its ability to be downloaded and reconfigured makes it easily adaptable to changing data communications requirements. Commonly used applications can be stored in the on-board flash for faster loading. 

Compact, Rugged and Proven

This device can be easily integrated with any host platform that supports Ethernet 802.3 or a full-speed USB 2.0 interface. The TacLink® 3310 weighs less than 8 oz. It is powered by the USB interface and typically requires less than 1 Watt at +5 VDC. The TacLink® 3300E+ CCA is the board-level product available for embedding into custom equipment.

With its extended environmental specifications and rugged design, the TacLink® 3310 is suitable for use in military and commercial systems that operate in adverse environ¬ments. TacLink® products have been successfully fielded in tactical sys¬tems since 1991. More than 85,000 Raytheon TacLink® products have been used in a wide range of joint, multiservice and foreign applications.

IP Network Supported

The TacLink® 3310 contains an RFC-compliant embedded TCP/UDP/ IPv4 networking stack which provides an IP front-end to non-IP tactical devices allowing full participation in modern tactical IP networks as well as non-IP legacy radio networks. 
The TacLink® 3310 IP network interface is available when Ethernet, RNDIS or PPP is the active host inter¬face. Ethernet, RNDIS and PPP are supported by most host Operating Systems (OS). The TacLink® requires only native host OS drivers.
The TacLink® can route among its three interfaces; Host, Channel 1 and Channel 2. The TacLink® pro¬vides a unique host proxy interface mode which allows a host to appear to be directly attached to the com¬munication device radio network. 

Legacy Combat Network Supported

The TacLink® 3310 provides a host COM port interface which supports non-IP host applications. TacLink® supports a large number of tactical devices, including:
•    AN/ARC-210
•    AN/ARC-231
•    AN/PRC-117F/G
•    AN/PRC-148
•    AN/PRC-150
•    AN/PRC-152/A
•    AN/PSC-5/C/D

Radio Configuration and Remote Control Supported

The TacLink® 3310 provides a dedicated serial port on each of its channels for radio configuration and remote control. The serial ports can be used by the host via USB COM ports or TCP sockets. 
Product Support
Warranty – Standard 2 Year
Customer Technical Support – via voice, eMail [ put contact info here, or somewhere else to make it stand out? Taclink.support@raytheon.com / ptb]
User API Support – Interface Design Document (IDD) and test/integra¬tion tools
Field Programmable Firmware and Application Updates
Product Repair Facility
Full line of equipment cables


  • TCP/UDP Network Sockets over IPv4 via Ethernet, RNDIS or PPP
  • Embedded RFC-compliant IPv4 networking stack
  • Routing capability among the host and channel interfaces
  • Standard full-speed USB 2.0 powered device interface
  • The TacLink® requires only native host Operating System drivers
  • Provides two independently configurable communication channels
  • Compact, lightweight, rugged, and low power
  • Complete software compatibility within the TacLink® 3xxx family of products
  • Available as TacLink® 3300E+, an embeddable CCA
  • Remote configuration and con¬trol of compatible tactical radios using host applications


  • AFATDS VMF (Types 1 & 2)
  • AFCS (Paladin)
  • FSAC Fire Support (TACFIRE, BCS, MLRS)
  • GDU Master/Slave
  • IFLCS CNR (V11 – MCS)
  • MIL-STD-188-184
  • MIL-STD-188-220 A/B/C/D1(XNPv2) (Types 1, 2, 3, 4)
  • MTS Broadcast V5
  • NRP
  • PTAC (Phototelesis)
  • Simple Modem CNR/GDU
  • SINCGARS 2-2-2 (FDL)
  • Tank - NRP (IVIS)
  • Exportability

TacLink Products are classified under Export Administration Regulations (EAR) (15 C.F.R. Section 7S3 0-774) (15 C.F.R.).. SECTION7S3