Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS) - FAA

Raytheon's STARS provides a state-of-the-art air traffic control system for managing terminal area airspace for both the FAA and Department of Defense (DoD).

stars-faa1STARS receives radar data and flight plan information and presents the information to air traffic controllers on high resolution, 20" x 20" color displays allowing the controller to monitor, control, and accept hand-off of air traffic.

The Terminal Controller Workstations (TCW) provide position-by-position in-place replacement of failing existing system displays. They provide up to 14 adaptable data block types and 16 adaptable list types to accommodate current and future display requirements. The TCW also provides controllers with preference sets that allow for ease in shift changes and re-sectorization

stars-faa2The color displays are specially developed for air traffic control and are capable of displaying six distinct levels of weather data (identified by different colors) simultaneously with air traffic, allowing controllers to direct aircraft around bad weather.


STARS is capable of tracking up to 1350 airborne aircraft simultaneously within a terminal area. The system interfaces with multiple radars (up to 16 short and long range), 128 controller positions, 20 remote towers, and a 400 by 400 mile area of coverage.

STARS has two separate, fully redundant automation systems running in parallel providing an instantaneous back-up service to controllers. The Full Service Level (FSL) is based on Raytheon's AutoTrac air traffic management system and the Emergency Service Level (ESL) is based on Raytheon's TracView automation product.