MXF-492, MXF-493, MXF-494 Starblazer Multi-band ECCM Communication Systems

Starblazer Ground Mobile Multi-band Radio System was developed to address the complex and varied demands of the modern military and meet the stringent tactical voice and data communication requirements of today's armed forces and readily adapts to meet new communication requirements. The system is currently being fielded. The Starblazer team provides worldwide product support to maximize availability and minimize life cycle costs.

Starblazer Ground Mobile Radio Systems are based on multi-band, multi-function radios designed to provide the military VHF and UHF capability required for ground-to-air and ground-to-ground Line-of-Sight (LOS) communications. They also provide capabilities for civil VHF applications for air traffic control and civil maritime band. The Radio provides both multi-band AM/FM Ground Mobile single-channel communications and UHF ECCM waveforms such as Have Quick I, II, SATURN or National ECCM. Radio operations are selected via a menu driven interactive keypad and display plus discrete controls located on the front of the radio. The radio provides AM single-channel voice and data communications in the UHF frequency band, and FM single-channel voice and data communications in both VHF and UHF bands. The radio also provides clear voice and 16 kbps secure voice operation with external encryption equipment. Each radio may be tailored to specific user needs with such features as external or embedded GPS Receivers, RF Power Amplifiers, selection of ECCM modes of operation and installation features.