Space Encryption Solutions

Securing Every Satellite Function

Fully compliant with NSA requirements, Raytheon’s space cryptography solutions implement the highest standards in satellite link security.

Interoperable with existing and legacy algorithms and devices, Raytheon’s airborne vehicle equipment, ground operating equipment, and embeddable ASICs deliver simultaneous authenticated command uplink decryption and mission/telemetry downlink encryption for the entire range of cryptographic platforms.

Product Information

  • Gryphon AES AVE – Complete TT&C security solution
  • KIV-7M Gryphon – Gryphon AES Program GOE
  • KIV-7MC Caribou GOE – Today’s most flexible CNSSP 12 encryption
  • KIV-7MS GOE – Cardholder, Belshazzar and optional Gryphon satellite control unit
  • U-RTK Gryphon AES ASIC – NSA-certified fully integrated satellite link security solution
  • U-UJB Cardholder VLSI – NSA-approved command link decryptor for DoD applications
  • U-UJF Caribou VLSI – NSA-approved command link decryptor for commercial applications
  • MYK-17B – Pegasus ground unit
  • KGV-227 Pegasus VLSI – Satellite telemetry and mission data encryption
  • MYK-42 – Exportable command link encryptor for commercial satellite systems
  • MYK-14 Centurion GOE – Designed for commercial and non-government applications