Space Mission Solutions

Space Mission Solutions

Eyes always on the future

From missile warning and intelligence to weather, navigation and beyond, Raytheon space solutions deliver mission breakthroughs. Our ability to create and enhance space systems that incorporate transformative, next-generation technologies keeps our customers ahead of the threat. And by integrating commercial and open-source tech into our solutions, we’re making the space domain more accessible -- and affordable -- than ever.

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Raytheon has been involved in spaceflight since the beginning. Our guidance computers steered some of the first space capsules, including Apollo 11. Our microwave amplifier beamed back the first images from the lunar surface and delivered Neil Armstrong’s famous transmission, “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” In the decades since, Raytheon has become a leader in dozens of space-related specialties, from helping launch satellites to aiding scientists as they probe the deepest reaches of the universe.

In the decades since, Raytheon continues to lead in space, making breakthroughs and achieving firsts, delivering end-to-end solutions in the space domain.


Raytheon's Space Expertise

missile defense

Missile Warning & Defense

The U.S. and its allies have developed layered systems to detect, track and intercept incoming missiles. And Raytheon technologies play a major role in nearly all of them. Our sensors provide next-generation missile warning capabilities. Our identification, tracking and discrimination tech gives commanders vital information to respond quickly. And our interceptors pair precision targeting with sheer force to destroy missile threats in space, before they can harm populations below.

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Data Collection and Sensors

Data Collection & Sensors

Raytheon’s space-based active and passive sensing technologies represent the cutting-edge of data collection. Our electro-optical, infrared, and radio frequency sensors are mission-tested, reliable, resilient and scalable, delivering unparalleled levels of resolution, accuracy and data quality across the space enterprise. Raytheon’s 100+ deployed sensors boast a 100% in-orbit turn on rate, last an average of 2.5x their design life, and have collectively logged more than 500 instrument years in space.



constellation management

Constellation Management

Our constellation management systems offer agile, open, secure solutions for managing tasking, scheduling and execution across a wide range of platform, sensor and ground assets. Our mission management/command & control capabilities can adapt to rapidly evolving mission needs while taking full advantage of the wide range of Multi-INT data sources available today and in the future.

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navigation weather observation

Navigation, Weather & Earth Observation

Raytheon is a leader in modernizing positioning, navigation and timing capabilities for both GPS controls and a variety of air traffic management and precision weapons capabilities. And with a 50-year history of successful on-orbit performance, Raytheon space-based sensors continue to provide landmark observations of Earth for advanced weather prediction, fire detection, natural resources management, missile warning and intelligence missions, and a wide range of commercial applications.

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launch support

Mission & Launch Support

Raytheon gives our customers the necessary tools and training to address current and future threats by creating, enhancing and sustaining systems with transformative, next-generation technologies that work the first time, every time. And RGNext, Raytheon’s joint venture with General Dynamics Information Technology, offers a wide range of launch and range operations services, including logistics support, depot maintenance and sustainment.

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machine learning

Machine Learning & Automation

From weather to missile warning to intelligence and beyond, Raytheon processes hundreds of terabytes of satellite data every day. Our advanced data analytics, machine learning and sense-making technologies are designed to make information actionable, automate next steps, and move the human analyst farther up the decision-making chain.

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system design

System Design & Production

Raytheon pairs modern development tools and processes with cutting-edge manufacturing, design and testing practices to increase the quality of our capabilities, while meeting aggressive delivery timelines that keep our systems -- and our customers -- ahead of the threat.

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enterprise orchestration

Enterprise Integration & Orchestration

Our enterprise approach to customer data needs breaks down data collection, insight sharing and constellation management stovepipes. We build solutions on flexible, extensible, modular platforms that allow for future expansion and the addition of new capabilities and data sources, including third party and commercial solutions.

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cyber hardening

Cyber Hardening

Because critical space systems are increasingly the targets of sophisticated cyberattacks, Raytheon integrates our industry-leading cyber defense and information assurance technologies into all our space capabilities. Our GPS OCX has the highest level of cybersecurity protections of any DoD space system.

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small satelites

Small Satellites

Raytheon is using its advanced missile production lines to quickly and affordably build highly reliable small satellites for use in a wide variety of missions. The on-demand, space-based tactical information that our small satellites provide will improve situational awareness for ground troops and assist search and rescue crews, saving lives on Earth from 1200 miles above it.

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