Raytheon OPIR

Space Based Early Warning

Security from 20,000 miles above earth

Advanced missile technology in the wrong hands threatens global security. Countering the threat starts with early missile detection. 


Next Generation Overhead Persistent Infrared (Next Gen OPIR Block 0)

Raytheon is one of two contractors selected to design the payload for its Next Generation Overhead Persistent Infrared, or Next Gen OPIR, resilient missile warning satellite.

Next Gen OPIR Block 0 will succeed the Space Based Infrared System by providing improved, more resilient missile warning. The U.S. Air Force implemented Next Gen OPIR Block 0 as a “Go Fast” acquisition program with Lockheed Martin.

The first geostationary orbiting satellite is targeted for delivery in just 60 months. Raytheon’s contract covers development through system critical design review.

Designed with open system architecture, Raytheon’s Next Gen OPIR Block 0 payload can accommodate rapid and affordable performance upgrades.