Space Mission Solutions

Space Mission Solutions


Delivering intelligence. Improving weather forecasting and natural resource management. Strengthening defense. Raytheon’s space solutions make the world a safer place.

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Raytheon has been involved in spaceflight since the beginning. Our guidance computers steered some of the first space capsules, including Apollo 11. Our microwave amplifier beamed back the first images from the lunar surface and delivered Neil Armstrong’s famous transmission, “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” In the decades since, Raytheon has become a leader in dozens of space-related specialties, from helping launch satellites to aiding scientists as they probe the deepest reaches of the universe.

In the decades since, Raytheon continues to lead in space, making breakthroughs and achieving firsts, delivering end-to-end solutions in the space domain.


Raytheon's Space Expertise


As a proven leader in advanced cyber threat protection, Raytheon develops and deploys tools for detecting and mitigating attacks. Raytheon’s solutions reduce risk by taking layered steps to ensure the health of existing systems as well as any procured in the future.



Training Support
Raytheon operates and maintains facilities critical for human spaceflight 24/7, running real-time mission scenarios that help International Space Station astronauts deal with in-flight challenges. In addition, Raytheon executes service life extension programs for underwater mockups used to train astronauts.



Positioning, Navigation & Timing
Raytheon is a leader in modernizing positioning, navigation and timing both for GPS controls and for a variety of air traffic management and precision weapons capabilities. PNT capabilities not only underpin many military applications, but have become critical to global infrastructure.



Space Launch
Raytheon provides operations, maintenance and sustainment for safe and efficient launch, testing, and tracking of military, civil and commercial spacelift vehicles. Raytheon also supports ballistic missile, guided weapon, and aeronautical tests.



Earth Monitoring
With a 50-year history of successful on-orbit performance, Raytheon space sensors continue to provide landmark observations of Earth for advanced weather forecasting, natural resources management, missile warning, defense and intelligence missions, and a wide range of commercial applications.



Mission Management
Raytheon’s capabilities span the tasking, collection, processing, exploitation and dissemination lifecycle of space-related missions. Our expertise across platforms, sensors and ground assets allows customers to rapidly adapt to evolving global and regional events.



Raytheon knows customer data: how it’s retrieved from space, how it’s used, and why it’s needed. We’re among the first movers at every point across the data value stream, providing deep experience and innovative thinking for space data analytics. We integrate analytics into our customer’s missions to give them a decisive advantage



Mission Support
We have a demonstrated record of sustaining and modernizing mission-critical systems and infrastructure. We support high-consequence missions, providing unambiguous warning and attack assessment systems for air, missile and space threats.



Data Dissemination
We put meaningful data into the hands of users through mobile applications and collaborative tools used by analysts, warfighters and other end users.