SM-2 Missile launched

SM-2 Missile

The Standard Missile-2 is the world’s premier fleet-area air defense weapon, providing superior anti-air warfare and limited anti-surface warfare capability against today’s advanced anti-ship missiles and aircraft out to 90 nautical miles. The SM-2™ missile is an integral part of layered defense that protects the world’s important naval assets and gives warfighters a greater reach in the battlespace.

HMAS Newcastle SM-2 firing

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Her Majesty's Australian Ship Newcastle's first SM-2 missile firing in Australian waters (Video: Royal Australian Navy)


SM-2 Block IIIA and IIIB missile features

  • Advanced semi-active radar seeker technologies in both continuous wave and interrupted continuous wave guidance modes
  • Tail controls and solid rocket motor propulsion to engage the world’s advanced high-speed maneuvering threats at tactically significant ranges
  • IIIB enhances the IIIA’s existing superior capabilities by adding autonomous infrared acquisition
  • High-technology active radar target detection device and directional warhead to ensure successful destruction of the target

The SM-2 missile is primarily used by U.S. and allied navies for fleet air defense and ship self defense. (Download high resolution photo

Proven performance
Both SM-2 missile variants have successfully intercepted targets and are lethal against subsonic, supersonic, low- and high- altitude, high-maneuvering, diving, sea-skimming, anti-ship cruise missiles fighters, bombers and helicopters in an advanced electronic countermeasures environment. The SM-2 missile has extensive area- and self-defense flight test history with more than 2,700 successful flight tests from domestic and international ships.

Local support
The SM-2 missile is supported by intermediate-level maintenance facilities worldwide. These facilities use state-of-the-art MK-698 test equipment to recertify and maintain all-up-round missiles at locations close to the user Navy, minimizing downtime for those missiles. Section-level maintenance is performed in the United States, when required.

International missile
Due to global demand, Raytheon has restarted its SM-2 missile line after halting production in 2013. Various countries aligned requirements and pooled resources to make a bundle purchase through foreign military sales, enabling Raytheon to resume production.

The company is reconfiguring and modernizing its SM-2 missile factory to increase production efficiencies. It has also signed new agreements with several suppliers.

The SM-2 missile family continues to grow internationally. Several navies are also defining requirements and ship configurations to support SM-2 applications.