Silver Fox UAS

Versatile Unmanned Aircraft System

The Silver Fox® unmanned aircraft system is a small UAS that delivers the real-time intelligence and long-range aerial endurance capabilities of a large system.

It can be transported in a small SUV, pickup truck or Humvee and operated by two people. Requiring only two weeks of training, the Silver Fox UAS is a complete system that is cost-effective and reliable, providing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.

This system can deliver live intelligence using stabilized, gimbal (pivotable) or fixed electro-optic and infrared sensors. The Silver Fox UAS enables intelligence to be obtained from multiple systems while they are controlled from one location. It allows direct information to be received from each system simultaneously, from different locations and at varying altitudes.

Setting up the Silver Fox system can take as little as 15 minutes. Flights can be pre-programmed by touchscreen or executed manually and launched from either land or sea.


  • Small and lightweight with longer range and endurance than electric UASs
  • Easily transportable
  • User friendly
  • Land and sea platforms
  • Real-time intelligence in military and civilian environments

Mission examples

Real-time intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance

The Silver Fox UAS is proven in many military and civilian conditions providing live intelligence:

  • Ship operations
  • Targeting assistance
  • Convoy lead scout
  • Tactical surveillance
  • Perimeter security
  • Round-the-clock operations
  • Battle damage assessment
  • Harbor security

Security, research and scientific

  • Chemical and oil pipeline surveillance
  • Radiation contamination detection
  • Air pollution monitoring
  • Meteorological research
  • Large facility security
  • Forestry, agriculture and ranching surveillance
  • Waterway monitoring
  • Criminal apprehension
  • Academic research

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