SeaVue Surveillance Radar XMC

Next-Generation Maritime Situational Awareness

The SeaVue radar family is known for its proven ability to detect small maritime vessels in high sea states including the stealthy, self-propelled semi-submersible (SPSS) craft that pose a significant threat to homeland security.

Now, the revolutionary new capabilities of the SeaVue XMC (Expanded Mission Capability) radar greatly enhance wide area surveillance effectiveness, identifying threats quickly and efficiently. These techniques apply to a variety of missions, including search and rescue.

SeaVue XMC incorporates a next-generation maritime situational awareness package developed under the Ocean Surveillance Initiative (OSI) program. NAVSEA sponsored the OSI program to address a need for complete, persistent and accurate wide area surveillance in the tactical maritime theater.

SeaVue XMC provides operators with wide area situational awareness to support tactical decision making, significantly improving mission effectiveness and operational efficiency. More than 150 Raytheon SeaVue radars are operational worldwide. Countries operating SeaVue include the United States, Japan, Mexico, Italy, Australia, the U.K., Thailand, Norway, Pakistan and Taiwan.