Protected Satellite Communications

Raytheon's AEHF terminals instantly link the president of the United States with his most senior military advisers around the globe, wherever the commander in chief may be.

Advanced satellite communications are an absolute necessity for military victory. The information that gets sent around the world must be kept safe, secure and protected. It can’t be intercepted by adversaries.


Thousands of miles in space, the Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) satellites provide U.S. armed forces with greater bandwidth to reliably and securely transmit critical data. On the ground, the satellite dishes and terminal systems combine to form a communications network that dramatically reduces the chances for jamming or interception.

Raytheon, a leader in protected military satellite communications for more than 30 years, is the only provider of protected AEHF terminals that are in production for the Army, Navy and Air Force. With more than 500 systems in the field, our terminals currently support the legacy Milstar satellites and are ready to operate with the newest AEHF satellites as soon as they become operational.

Protected SATCOM

“5 for 5”

On top of the three terminals in our portfolio, Raytheon has recently added two significant Air Force programs. One is called the Global Aircrew Strategic Network Terminal (Global ASNT), which sends and receives messages that alert the bomber and tanker crews to spring into action in an emergency. The other is called the Family of Advanced Beyond Line of Sight Terminal (FAB-T), a secure, airborne communications network that allows the president of the United States to communicate with senior military leaders. All told, Raytheon’s five protected terminal systems are the most of any company in the aerospace and defense industry.

We provide more mission flexibility and significantly increased capacity for secure voice, data and video communications. Mission assured.