SADL-EPLRS Joint Combat ID Through Situation Awareness

Joint Combat ID through Situation Awareness

The Situation Awareness Data Link (SADL) integrates US Air Force close air support aircraft with the digitized battlefield via the US Army's Enhanced Position Location Reporting System (EPLRS). More than just a radio or a data modem, SADL provides fighter-to-fighter, air-to-ground and ground-to-air data communications that are robust, secure, jam-resistant and contention-free. With its inherent position and status reporting for situation awareness, SADL provides an effective solution to the long-standing air-to-ground combat identification problem.

Air-to-Ground Mode

The pilot commands the SADL radio to synchronize with a specific ground network. His radio will share fighter-to-fighter data while recording ground positions from the EPLRS network.

Fighter-to-Fighter Operation

The SADL radio is integrated with aircraft avionics over the 1553 multiplex data bus, providing the pilot with data from other SADL-equipped aircraft as well as positions of EPLRS-equipped aircraft and ground units. SADL is capable of fighter-to-fighter network operation without reliance on a ground-based EPLRS network control.

Force XXI Operability

Task Force XXI has identified EPLRS as the "backbone communication system of the maneuver brigade". SADL- equipped close air support aircraft provide the combat ID of all digitized battlefield forces' positions, including non-EPLRS users.