Raven is an intuitive, high-speed, search, geospatial visualisation and information discovery platform designed by Raytheon to deliver enhanced situational awareness and actionable intelligence to the warfighter in complex warfighting scenarios.

A highly interoperable, multi-data type environment with NATO Standard Coalition Shared Databases, Structured Query Language and video data storage, Raven delivers access to data in near real time across an enterprise of diverse intelligence repositories for decision support requirements in a high tempo operational environment.

Raven's configurable business workflows incorporate Request for Information and Resource Task management, notification, allocation and completion functions based on clearly defined enterprise procedures. The system features full 2D and 3D visualisation, situational awareness and data fusion across result sets and industry standard geospatial and topographical reference data.

Raven's capacity to deliver an adaptable, secure and high quality intelligence product allows it to function as a single lap-top deployed ISR exploitation node tethered to a local collector, or using common information exchange protocols over a network bearer, as a powerful distributed grouping of Raven-equipped analysts. This scalability also extends to the rapid introduction of coalition partners and collectors from a single user interface.

Derived from affordable, open source and COTS software, Raven incorporates metadata from all available intelligence streams, allowing the remote user to access various intelligence payloads when required. A built-in enterprise service bus allows integration of different exploitation toolsets to optimise user requirement preferences, and facilitate interoperability with allied and coalition partner data sets. The system's configurable architecture also allows for particular interfaces, intelligence sources and collectors to be tailored to specific national operational doctrinal requirements.

The Raven system is particularly intuitive and therefore requires no specialist training. Raytheon has incorporated a new generation of software that users will be used to seeing on social media platforms, enabling them to easily and intuitively use familiar search techniques and tools that are similar to, for example, Google.

Raven is also interoperable with Spectus, a new Airborne Mission Management Solution designed and developed by Raytheon in the UK.