Transition Planning and Management

Proven Worldwide Execution at Raytheon (PWER) is an integrated suite of tools that manages large program transition risk. It includes contract, staffing, operations, configuration management transition modules and more.

Raytheon’s PWER Tools

Transition – facilitates a low-risk approach for seamless program phase-in. The PWER transition process is derived from experiences and lessons learned from several programs that Raytheon has transitioned successfully in the past.

Strategy and Design – drives value through effective application of capabilities and resources, business requirement definition and service design.

Execution – combines talent, knowledge and resources to deliver services and engineering, manages risk, and enhances our ability to be flexible, accurate and responsive to customer needs.

Continual Improvement – drives performance improvements through industry-leading best practices.

PWER Advantages – Transitioning services with minimal risk

  • Allows for seamless transitions
  • Reduces time and resources spent
  • Streamlines operations
  • Reduces risk

Case Studies

Customers need a partner who understands the breadth of their requirements and has the in-depth expertise to help them turn their needs into a reality. Raytheon provides tailored solutions to specific challenges each customer will face on the road ahead. Here are three example case studies:

NISSC Contract

Sustaining services: Providing low-risk, accelerated transition

The U.S. Air Force selected Raytheon to support threat warnings and assessments for the North American Aerospace Defense Command Cheyenne Mountain Complex. The program provides NORAD authorities with accurate, timely and unambiguous warning and attack assessments of air, missile and space threats. Raytheon needed to plan for the transition activities, define the detailed schedule, identify risks and mitigation strategies, and manage the transition. This program required rehiring approximately 200 employees, but Raytheon was still able to seamlessly transition the program, uninterrupted, from the entrenched, long-term incumbent state. From the management of related security matters to the hiring of hundreds of new employees, in addition to the build out of new office space, Raytheon worked to bring together the resources needed to get this complex project up and running.

The contract period mandated a 120-day transition. Raytheon was able to accomplish a complete program transition in 90 days, hiring more than 220 employees, underrunning the target budget and completing all deliverables to the customer on time.

U.S. Air Force Launch and Test Range Contract

Providing seamless transition and flawless execution to provide support on the runway to space

The U.S. Air Force selected Raytheon to operate, maintain and sustain launch ranges at Florida’s Space Coast and Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. As part of the Range Generation Next (RGNext), the program is responsible for the operations and sustainment to secure the safe and effective launch, testing and tracking of space vehicles. Within days of the contract announcement, Raytheon transitioned hundreds of employees from the legacy contract to start working on this joint venture. Work was uninterrupted and quality of service was continuously maintained. Within weeks of starting this contract, Raytheon successfully launched SpaceX Falcon 9, providing supply items for crews at the International Space Station.

Warfighter FOCUS Contract

Saving the customer more than $400 million in training sustainment costs

Raytheon helps organizations as large and diverse as the U.S. Army, General Motors and the Federal Aviation Administration successfully train hundreds of thousands of people, using the latest technology and procedures. As one of the world's largest training solutions providers, Raytheon provides seamless training support, clear communications, integrated information technologies and cost-efficiencies for readiness anytime, anywhere at more than 400 sites worldwide. Using PWER, Raytheon has flawlessly transitioned virtually every U.S. Army Soldier since 2008.

Warfighter FOCUS is a 10-year, $11.2 billion single-award Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity contract awarded to the Raytheon-led Warrior Training Alliance in 2007. The WTA consists of about 150 companies (120 of them small), and supports Army training at more than 400 sites around the world, 24/7, to fully prepare soldiers for all their missions. Since 2007, Raytheon has saved the U.S. Army more than $400 million in training sustainment costs.