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Persistent Cyber Training Environment


The Persistent Cyber Training Environment, or PCTE, will deliver cyber simulations that will allow cyber mission forces from all military branches to train together in a realistic environment. It will support individual instruction and certification to allow cyber operators to practice and rehearse missions simultaneously from locations around the world, meeting the needs of all four services and the U.S. Cyber Command.

Raytheon’s solution for the new PCTE will offer an open-architecture approach that will allow the Defense Department to connect cyber ranges, training environments and tool libraries seamlessly.

The environment will provide U.S. cyber forces, across all military branches, a dedicated space to conduct individual and group training. PCTE will become a place to practice and hone skills repeatedly, similar to marksmanship ranges used every day.  

The Cyber Training, Readiness, Integration, Delivery and Enterprise Technology, or Cyber TRIDENT, contract will scale the PCTE platform to support cyber training across the military. The result will deliver training from a single environment for forces to remotely conduct exercises, mission rehearsals and certifications.

Raytheon will leverage its experience with large and complex training environments to connect PCTE locations around the world. Training will be made more effective through artificial intelligence and software development best practices that will speed the development and delivery of new capabilities.

A request for proposals for Cyber TRIDENT is to be released in 2020.

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