PERM Munition

Accurate Precision Mortar

The PERM® munition, a U.S. Marine Corps program, adds a precision mortar to the existing suite of 120 mm ballistic mortars. Fired from the Expeditionary Fire Support System, the PERM munition—a "smart weapon"—is then steered to a specific target using GPS guidance.

The munition's unique, aerodynamic design improves accuracy. It has double the range of current ballistic mortars while reducing collateral damage, logistical requirements and target bracketing


The PERM® munition is a guided mortar designed to provide greater precision and range than existing ballistic mortars.

Raytheon's PERM munition team is in the engineering and development phase. The company has partnered with Israeli Military Industries, an experienced provider of weapon systems. The PERM munition is the first Department of Defense program of record for precision mortars.

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