Panther and iPanther

Personnel Trackers

panther-trackerRaytheon designed the Panther and iPanther Personnel Trackers to permit isolated, missing, or threatened VIPs to send a distress signal and be tracked — anywhere in the world.

Individuals who travel worldwide encounter dangerous situations that bring significant threats to personal safety, including hostage-taking, terrorism, and criminal activities. Prudent international travelers — corporate executives, government personnel, and business people — require ways to increase their ability to protect themselves. Government and corporate organizations have a responsibility to their personnel to provide tools that help ensure their safety.

Panther and iPanther are handheld, battery-powered, signaling and tracking units that integrate cellular- and satellite-based communications to optimize the chances of the messages getting through. Panther and iPanther can be configured to use either Globalstar or Iridium® for the satellite communications path. The simple, three-button design lets the user power the devices on and off, send a status notification, or initiate an emergency distress beacon

Panther and iPanther are similar in appearance to personal pagers and are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery pack. They contain integrated GPS, cellular, and satellite antennas. All communications to and from Panther and iPanther are encrypted for security.

Panther and iPanther are Easy to Use and Require No Complicated Instruction or Extensive Training

Users can easily pre-set Panther's and iPanther's operating characteristics using an accompanying computer-based configuration application. The application lets the user set device parameters, such as beacon interval, communications priority, encryption key, and power-saving modes. The device also can be remotely reconfigured or interrogated to change its behavior or determine its current location and status

i-panther-trackerPanther and iPanther can be used with a custom-designed, in-vehicle docking system that permits it to operate using vehicle power and external satellite and GPS antennas. When removed from the dock, the device automatically switches to internal battery power and antennas, without altering its behavior or requiring action from the user.

Panther and iPanther leverage Raytheon's proven back-office device monitoring and management system. Our Gotham™ system provides the ability to monitor all deployed devices, visualize data on advanced mapping applications, and communicate with two-way-capable devices.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Automatic transition between satellite and cellular communications
  • Commercial, pager-like appearance
  • Small, portable, and easy to carry
  • Rugged, water-resistant case
  • Easy to use and learn 3-button design
  • High-performance GPS receiver and communication subsystem
  • Device-unique encryption keys for message security
  • Rechargeable commercial lithium-ion battery
  • Easy and quick set-up
  • Programmable emergency behavior
  • Device monitoring through Gotham
  • Made in the United States

Unique Technical and Operational Knowledge At Raytheon

At Raytheon, we have a proven track record of providing innovative and effective solutions to the First Responder, Intelligence, and Defense Communities. Our technical field support personnel are deployed with U.S. Government elements worldwide to provide direct support to ongoing operations. Between our personnel in the field and our engineers, scientists, researchers, and analysts, we fill the gap from technology creation to real-world deployment by moving solutions quickly into operations.

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