Land warfare overmatch solutions

Land Warfare Overmatch Solutions

Sensors to Effects. Overmatch to Victory.

Overmatch (v): to defeat threats at every level – strategic, tactical and technological.

In today's threat environment, it's not good enough to be better; you have to overmatch adversarial forces – with clear, decisive and overwhelming advantages. Raytheon puts these capabilities in the hands of every warfighter, with a portfolio of integrated, precise and proven solutions.

We are focused on providing products and expertise that support the Pentagon’s Third Offset Strategy, which encourages technological innovation to deter adversaries or defeat them outright. No matter the mission, no matter the threat, we enable overmatch.



Solutions to Out-Reach, Out-See and Overmatch.

long range precision fires

DeepStrike Missile

Precision Strike Missile solution doubles combat power at a fraction of the cost.

Lynx next-generation combat vehicle

Lynx IFV

Advanced, modular and combat-ready solution.



Advanced targeting through darkness, smoke, rain, snow and fog.


Excalibur Projectile

Revolutionary, extended-range, precision projectile for artillery forces.


Javelin Missile

One-man-portable, anti-tank, guided munition and surveillance weapon system.


Digital Fire Control

Innovative rifle sights gain digital fire control for more accuracy and quicker engagement.


The Overmatch Advantage


World-Class Integration
From sensors to effects, from mounted vehicles to dismounted infantry, Raytheon delivers multi-mission advantages.



Innovative Technology
Solutions to deter, overwhelm and defeat threats at every level.



Streamlined Acquisition
Wide product portfolio and integrated support ensures rapid, flexible, on-target capabilities.


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