ELCAN Optical Technologies Design & Fabrication


Vertical Integration

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Vertical integration in high precision optical manufacturing is part of ELCAN’s competitive strategy to reduce cost and increase production yields for our customers. By partnering at the design stage and controlling strategic sourcing through to assembly and testing, ELCAN delivers more predictable and cost-effective products for our customers.


Design and Concurrent Engineering

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Design Engineering at Raytheon ELCAN includes not only world-class optical, mechanical and electronic designers but also FEA Predictive Design and Thin Film Design. Design engineering is co-located and works closely with Production Engineering, and Assembly and Test Engineering.

The design process is an iterative exercise where adjustments need to be made frequently, sometimes to the optical component, sometimes to the mechanical component. Because we design for manufacturability in-house, specifications can be tailored and modifications made to ensure the most cost-effective, optimized solution.


Precision Optical Fabrication

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Optical fabrication lies at the very heart of our operation and plays a central role in maintaining Raytheon ELCAN Optical Technologies as a thought and technology leader in the field of precision optics. Every operation, from generation and polishing and through assembly and test, uses the most advanced technologies and processes.

We produce precision optics -- from 5mm to 300mm in diameter including spherical, aspherical, cylindrical, freeform and plano optics using advanced computer-controlled processes -- to manufacture optics using more than 630 materials.


Diamond Machining

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Raytheon ELCAN’s diamond machining facilities are among the largest and most advanced in the world.

We design, develop, produce, coat and test diamond-machined spherical, aspherical, plano, kinoform and parabolic infrared optics in a multitude of different polymers, crystals, non-ferrous metals and infrared materials.



Thin Film Coatings

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ELCAN has over 60 years of experience in thin film coating design and production including anti-reflective coatings, mirror, hard-carbon coatings, beam splitters, ITO coatings, polarizers, dichroic filters and band pass filters.

We have pioneered many performance improvements in modern optics based on advances in thin film coating formulations for applications ranging from ultraviolet to infrared wavelengths.



Mechanical Fabrication

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Raytheon ELCAN manages end-to-end fabrication for complex opto-mechanical assemblies including in-house CNC metal machining.

We perform metal surface treatment in-house, ensuring that strict processes are followed in order to maintain quality and delivery requirements.

Surface treatment finishes include anodizing, hard anodizing, black oxide treatment, passivation, chrome plating, electro-less nickel plating, painting and metal impregnation.


Precision Assembly and Systems Integration

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ELCAN assembles products ranging from simple lens assemblies to complex EO/IR systems in varying quantities from a single prototype to full-scale mass production.

Our facilities include a variety of electronic autocollimators and focusing telescopes, Modulation Transfer Function test benches and interferometers with computerized data storage and analysis. This is critical to achieve extremely precise tolerances such as those on shared aperture systems used as target and flight control for UAVs.


Clean Rooms

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In order to limit performance degradation due to contaminants and improve cost-effectiveness of mission results, Raytheon ELCAN has established Class 100-10,000 clean rooms for precision assembly.

For high volume production and automated assembly, alignment and test benches are established. Raytheon ELCAN undertakes applied R&D projects to enhance production yields, advance product performance, provide improved customer value and develop new technologies and capabilities to meet and exceed customer mission requirements.