Navy Multiband Terminal

The Navy Multiband Terminal (NMT) represents yet another benchmark for Raytheon in the naval communications field. It's a next-generation satellite communication (SATCOM) system for the U.S. Navy and coalition partners that provides seamless assured connectivity between a ship's or submarine's computer network and the Global Information Grid.

NMT is expected to be installed in approximately 300 U.S. Navy ships, submarines and shore stations, replacing several existing SATCOM systems developed and maintained by Raytheon since the mid-1980s. The new system will provide naval commanders and sailors with greater data throughput capacity and improved protection against enemy intercepts.

To date, the company has achieved all technical milestones on schedule during the test and integration phase of NMT. These milestones include achieving fully protected two-way networked satellite communications using low, medium and eXtended data rate waveforms under the extremes of shipboard motion.