Naval Strike Missile

5th Gen Over-The-Horizon Tech. Ready Now.

The Naval Strike Missile will immediately advance the U.S. Navy’s vision of distributed lethality, ensuring sea control and freedom of the seas.

Raytheon and Kongsberg will arm today’s littoral combat ships and future frigates with the Naval Strike Missile, a key step in making the U.S. Navy’s vision a reality.

It’s proven, affordable — and available today.

The Naval Strike Missile is a long-range, precision strike weapon that can find and destroy enemy ships at distances up to 100 nautical miles away. The stealthy missile flies at sea-skimming altitude, has terrain-following capability and uses an advanced seeker for precise targeting in challenging conditions.

In 2018, Raytheon was awarded a U.S. Navy contract to manufacture and deliver over-the-horizon weapon systems.

The Naval Strike Missile is fully operational and in use today. It meets or exceeds the U.S. Navy’s over-the-horizon requirements for survivability against high-end threats, demonstrated lethality, easy upgrades and long-range strike capability. The weapon was successfully demonstrated on the U.S. Navy's littoral combat ship USS Coronado in 2014.


  • Emits low observable signals to avoid detection by enemy radars
  • Climbs and descends with the terrain
  • Performs evasive maneuvers to counter the world's most capable defense systems
  • Carries a programmable fuze warhead

Raytheon builds launchers for the Naval Strike Missile in the United States, and has plans to leverage its extensive supply base to build the missile and other components in the U.S. as well.

Domestic production of this over-the-horizon solution creates American jobs and continues a tradition of building world-class defense systems with our longtime ally, Norway. It represents a world-class partnership between Raytheon, the world’s largest missile maker and Kongsberg, Norway’s premier supplier of defense systems.

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