Mobile Battle Management

You need more than good wi-fi for electronic warfare.

Successful electronic warfare requires effectively managing a complicated mix of signals, data and critical decisions. Operators in locations with fragmented connections or no connections at all are shut off from the data they need to make informed decisions.

Raytheon rapidly prototyped and fielded Raven Claw, a fully capable mobile version of EWPMT, built on Capability Drops 1 and 2. With Raven Claw, operators can control and manipulate multiple sensors from one common tool, without a host server or reliable network connection. Operators can use last known data as well as real-time feeds for intelligent, actionable electronic warfare.

Raven Claw enables maneuver planning and execution in a multi-domain battle, integrating electronic support and electronic attack for enhanced spectrum situational awareness in the Battalion and Brigade Command Post.

Delivered for testing in just six months, Raven Claw demonstrated full mission capability in the European theater in April 2018. A new version of Raven Claw is currently in development based on direct feedback from operational users. It will give operators an updated, action-oriented user interface, allowing them to quickly make sense of spectrum data and reduce what the Army calls cognitive workload, while still providing full functionality at the command post.

By adding capability to the existing EWPMT software baseline, Raven Claw ensures that Capability Drops 3 and 4 have the latest and greatest software. User feedback will be continually integrated into future capability drops.