Maritime Information Management System

Maritime Information Management System (MIMS)

Raytheon Solipsys is an industry leader in the development of integrated Command and Control (C2) network-centric solutions for the domestic and international DoD and Homeland Security. We provide the C2 infrastructure necessary to effectively control security and military forces in any environment.

Our product suite allows customers to augment existing programs with custom elements or construct an entire distributed Command and Control system from the ground up. All products, technical support, training, and analysis packages are offered through traditional contracting vehicles and are available on the GSA schedule to simplify procurement.

Maritime organizations are facing growing challenges in addressing sovereignty and security within their maritime regions. Without an effective means of maritime surveillance, meeting the demands associated with maritime security such as national/border security, illegal immigration, piracy, and smuggling is difficult.

Organizations require a more comprehensive near real time understanding of their maritime domain. A robust maritime domain awareness platform is required to enable enhanced and shared situational awareness among various organizations and agencies
Raytheon Solipsys’ Maritime Information Management System (MIMS) is a sophisticated command and control system for enhanced situational awareness in support of maritime security challenges. Built upon expertise in track management and visualization, MIMS integrates radar and other sensors to track objects and assess behavior while providing extensive surveillance and situational awareness capability for multiple domains.

MIMS tracks and correlates diverse inputs from maritime surveillance radars, Automated Identification System (AIS) receivers and other GPS-based self-reporting devices. Detailed information can be displayed for any object based on input from multiple sensors, location reporting systems and other external data sources.

Key Features:

  • Multi-domain awareness
  • Support for multiple radars using industry standard for vessel track reporting
  • Support for multiple chart types
  • Tracks targets by correlation radar, AIS, and video
  • Supports Electro-optical and thermal imaging systems for surveillance
  • Intuitive operational display
  • Distributed common operational picture combines data from a variety of sensors
  • Small target tracking
  • Intelligent decision aids
  • Supports IHS Fairplay and Lloyds
  • Scalable system can meet evolving operational requirements
  • Available in a relocatable package that can be deployed anywhere there is a road and can be operational in one hour