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For the military, and our first responders and public safety officials, networked communications is critical.

In addition to increased bandwidth requirements for all classical communications applications, the communications network increasingly moves more and more information.

Today's communications environments often include no infrastructure – no wire, no fiber, no Internet, no cell towers, no base stations. Timely exchange of voice, data and streaming video among many players immediately, seamlessly and securely is paramount.

To help solve these complex ad-hoc networking problems, Raytheon has developed the MicroLight® family of small form-factor radios and ancillaries to fill the most complex networking and data linking applications for soldier (and first responders) wearable, hand-held, and other small platform applications. MicroLight is the world's most advanced voice, data and video radio specifically designed for restricted RF environments. MicroLight hosts Raytheon's battle-proven, high performance advanced waveform for true ad-hoc networking. It provides significant advantages associated with time latency and quality of service. It handles simultaneous voice, data, video/imagery and situational awareness (position location) information. And it comes with several encryption options for optimal security.

Ideal for RF-Challenged Environments

MicroLight® thrives in RF-challenged environments. With advanced mesh networking, each MicroLight acts as a relay for every other user – automatically. This means users can focus on their missions and communicate over much wider distances than conventional point-to-point line of sight radios.

High Data Rate for Contention-Free Voice, Data and Video Communications

MicroLight® is a very small form factor, high data rate radio for contention-free voice, data and video transport. The need for bandwidth is paramount in a tactical environment. Through the use of time division multiplexing (TDM), MicroLight® provides multiple channels of contention-free on-demand voice, data and video transmission simultaneously.

Situation Awareness

In addition to simultaneous voice, data and video, MicroLight® provides automatic position location reporting, giving commanders the ability to see the location of all people and assets at all times, even in GPS-denied environments.

Self-Forming / Self-Healing

Net entry is simple and automatic ... and the network automatically reconfigures as users join, exit, re-join, and move.

Frequency Agility

Microlight® offers various frequency band options from 225 – 2000 MHz.


Microlight® comes with several encryption options for optimal security. It supports commercial Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for Secure But Unclassified (SBU) transmission through Type 1 for classified transmission.