Raytheon Solipsys is an industry leader in the development of integrated Command and Control (C2) network-centric solutions for the domestic and international DoD and Homeland Security. We provide the C2 infrastructure necessary to effectively control security and military forces in any environment.

Our product suite allows customers to augment existing programs with custom elements or construct an entire distributed Command and Control system from the ground up. All products, technical support, training, and analysis packages are offered through traditional contracting vehicles and are available on the GSA schedule to simplify procurement.

Meridian is a unique and innovative product that fully automates the discovery, extraction and deployment of new or updated geospatial intelligence data for immediate use in a networked operational environment. Intelligent scanning agents rapidly search multiple, preconfigured imagery repositories for new or updated data sources, detect and discriminate between various imagery types, and schedule them for unsupervised extraction. Once extracted, these data products are deployed automatically for on-demand service to any number of client workstations.

Key Features:

  • Simplifies the central management of large amounts of geospatial imagery data from a multiplatform, web-based interface.
  • Automates the extraction of geospatial imagery for display on TDF-based client workstations.
  • Ensures the most up-to-date imagery is always available for situation awareness anywhere in the world.
  • Supplies comprehensive system status and monitoring tools to assist in data management.
  • Supports the following imagery formats:
    • CIB
    • NITF
    • DTED
    • GeoTIFF
    • WMS