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Managed Security Services

Your Virtual Security Operations Center

The traditional Managed Security Services (MSS) model uses signature-based network security tools such as intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS) and security events (antivirus alerts, firewall denies, etc.) to detect attacks based on known patterns and attack vectors. Raytheon Foreground’s Virtual Security Operations Center (V-SOC) service takes a new approach to managed security by automating much of the traditional MSS model through its Automated Threat Intelligence Platform (ATIP) and allowing analysts to spend their time doing advanced network hunting for threats that can circumvent traditional security controls.

Raytheon Foreground Security’s V-SOC service is designed for client organizations that need an advanced hunting capability to detect threats that traditional security controls and MSSPs cannot provide. The V-SOC model places the focus on advanced threats and tracking attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) versus simple alert response. As a result, the V-SOC service provides immediate return on investment by quickly identifying existing network or host compromises, zero day exploits, data exfiltration, network anomalies, emerging advanced threats, suspicious insider behavior, use of insecure ports/protocols, and misconfigured devices.

Key Differentiators

  • All data stays within the customer environment. The Raytheon Foreground V-SOC model leverages secure, isolated Virtual Desktop Interfaces (VDI’s) for each customer that are logically separated from all other client organizations and wiped on disconnect. Through this infrastructure our service ensures that all data stays within the client’s environment. By leveraging the client’s current security toolset – rather than requiring RFS proprietary security devices or forwarding all logs/events from the client enterprise – we ensure that client organizations maintains control over their most sensitive security data.
  • Advanced analytics. Our proprietary ATIP technology uses advanced analytics and machine learning to improve over time based on human guidance and feedback.
  • Foreground is vendor agnostic. We support and have extensive expertise in best-of-breed tool sets including RSA Security Analytics, ArcSight, Splunk, Solera, QRadar, FireEye, McAfee, and others.
  • Our service supports and integrates into our client’s processes, playbooks, and requirements. We consider our service a collaborative security service, meaning that our automation in playbooks, reporting, and process allows us to align with each client’s reporting requirements, processes, and playbooks completely and efficiently. All of this is identified and integrated into the service during the activation phase.
  • We provide active advanced detection and threat “hunting”. We hunt on a 24x7x365 basis through a combination of our Automated Threat Intelligence Platform (ATIP), automation, and human analysis “eyes on glass” approach.

Our V-SOC Offerings

Our V-SOC offerings are characterized by breadth of coverage, scope of monitoring and our engagement levels. As a collaborative security service, Raytheon Foreground Security’s V-SOC offering is designed to complement client support and operations teams from both an analytic and incident response perspective and an engineering perspective. We can offer part-time analysis and escalation support – for example, on nights, weekends, and holidays to complement business hours coverage by client staff – full time monitoring and management support, or a long term phased approach in which the V-SOC scope changes over time along with the maturity and operational capabilities of the customer team.