LPD 17 San Antonio-class Expeditionary Warfare Ships

Raytheon's Shipboard Wide Area Network (SWAN), is the heart of a ship's operations. SWAN brings unprecedented integration of shipboard electronic systems to any naval ship using advanced, affordable hardware and software technology. The integration provides rapid, reliable digital communication between users and shipboard systems, which is vital to the success of any warship's mission. SWAN also uses a state-of-the-market, highly redundant and modular network computing environment and is designed to grow and adapt as technology evolves.

Unrivaled Capabilities

SWAN is unique due to the sheer amount of systems it integrates into a centralized network. In previous ship classes, shipboard systems were stove piped and ran on dedicated cabling and isolated networks. SWAN offers a graceful rethinking of systems integration by centrally integrating many systems into one highly reliable network. Thanks to built-in redundancy, fault tolerance, and modularity with computing resources, network storage, virtualization, and network services, SWAN's complete information infrastructure allows for improved availability over legacy networks.

Additionally, the system supports reduction of shipboard manning requirements, which reduces total ownership costs. Currently, SWAN is one of the few fielded networks that integrates combat systems, navigation, C4I, email and administrative data with ship, magnetic signature and engineering control system signals. This integration substantially reduces ship construction costs due to a reduction in cabling while providing demonstrated at-sea reliability.

Robust, Advanced Technology

SWAN uses the latest industry standards and the most advanced technology throughout its system, which consists of fiber-optic cabling, a 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) network, modular server hardware, and industry-leading, commercial off-the-shelf software. SWAN's fiber-optic cable plant greatly enhances the scalability of the network, can easily reach all areas of even the largest warship, and allows the simple addition of new connections for growth and added capabilities. The 10 GigE network enables high availability and performance, and provides the bandwidth and proper protocols for data, voice and video communications running on SWAN.

SWAN's GigE network is part of its robust data transport design enabling seamless communication and data traffic to users. This delivers sub-second failure recovery times, allowing legacy systems to function without interruption. This critical failure recovery capability improves integration of legacy systems such as the combat systems, engineering control system, ship control system, and navigation — that can suffer from synchronization issues or unique failure conditions if communication loss exceeds even seconds. SWAN provides user friendly, advanced network management tools that give the ship force's the ability to remotely manage and monitor system status in near real time.

A Foundation for Command and Control

Designed to take advantage of the most advanced technology, current systems and legacy systems, SWAN lays the strong foundation for command and control networks. For example, the Ship Self-Defense System will take advantage of SWAN's ability to support combat systems by providing navigation data. SWAN is designed to provide expansion for VoIP telephony, video-over-IP distribution and surveillance as well as wireless access. Its open architecture, commercial standardbased design is fl exible and scalable to support differing needs.

Delivering a Legacy of Innovation

SWAN is one of the many examples of how Raytheon delivers world-class mission systems integration and technology expertise to both domestic and international customers and is a leader in naval combat and ship electronic systems.