Raytheon Joint Strike Missile

Joint Strike Missile

Long-distance Anti-ship Missile

The Joint Strike Missile - or JSM - is a long-distance, anti-ship missile designed to take on high-value, heavily defended targets. The long standoff range (distance from the aircraft to the target) ensures that the aircraft and pilots remain out of harm's way.

JSM has sophisticated target acquisition capability that uses autonomous target recognition, made possible by an imaging infrared seeker. It is the only fifth-generation cruise missile that will be integrated onto the F-35 and also available for integration on other aircraft intended for offensive anti-surface warfare applications. Initial integration tests are being completed on the F-16 Fighting Falcon, with JSM specifically designed for the F-35 A/C weapons bay internal carriage.


  • Advanced engagement planning system that exploits the geography in the area
  • Accurate navigation system for flight close to terrain
  • High maneuverability to allow flight planning in close vicinity to land masses
  • Discriminating seeker with imaging infrared technology
  • Two-way networking data link (compliant with standard military equipment) offering target-update, retargeting and mission-abort capabilities

The Joint Strike Missile is a partnership between Raytheon Company and Norwegian defense company Kongsberg Gruppen.