Integrated Test Facility

This premier space simulation laboratory provides state-of-the-art space simulation and thermal vacuum capabilities. Space is available for integration and ambient testing of space payloads, including visible and IR sensors.

The ITF, located in El Segundo, California, has multiple test stations to enable parallel testing and significantly streamline program test schedules. More than 25,000 square feet are available for integration and test activities, including a 10,000-square-foot Class 10K clean room. Our facilities feature thermal vacuum chambers and test stations to support optical alignment, warm optical bench testing, and hardware integration.

The ITF features four large thermal vacuum chamber systems that can test multiple units simultaneously. These chambers operate in the low 10-7 torr range, with shrouds capable of temperature control from 150°C to –186°C. Numerous other heating and cooling capabilities exist.

Each system has a dedicated graphical user interface to control and monitor user-specific requirements. Mechanical interfaces and electrical feedthroughs are available and can be modified as the user requires.

The ITF is staffed by an expert team capable of clean room and chamber operations, maintenance, and support — including leak detection; pipe and tube fitting; orbital welding; and mechanical and electrical design, fabrication, and integration.