Defeating enemy armored vehicles

The TOW Improved Target Acquisition System, also called ITAS, is a material change to the current target acquisition and fire control subsystem used by first-to-fight, light infantry forces. ITAS increases target detection, acquisition, recognition and engagement ranges; fires all versions of the TOW missile from both the M41 ground launcher (dismount mode) and the M1121 high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle platform; and provides a growth path for future missiles.

The ITAS includes a second-generation Forward-Looking Infrared, or FLIR, that uses standard advanced dewar assembly technology, an eyesafe laser rangefinder, and other digital components to address user-identified operational deficiencies. These improvements increase detection and identification ranges by a factor of 2X, increasing the probability of hit over the existing TOW 2.

The TOW ITAS provides a highly mobile, adverse weather, day or night capability needed by early entry forces to destroy advanced threat armor at greater standoff ranges in the main battle area.

The ITAS features an automatic boresighting capability, aided target tracking, embedded training, BIT/BITE, and traversing unit modifications. These features ensure crew survivability through increased standoff range and improved performance in the battlefield environment.

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