Integrated Circuit Design Center (ICDC)

Expertise in Custom Imaging Readout IC and Mixed Signal IC

With more than 30 years of experience, Raytheon's Integrated Circuit Design Center (ICDC) is a leader in high-performance analog, digital and mixed-signal silicon designs crafted to customer specifications. Broad and deep domain knowledge, experience in a wide variety of applications, and an advanced on-site test facility are among the many strengths we offer. Benefits of working with the ICDC include:

  • A strong portfolio of intellectual property that facilitates the design process, reduces cost and risk, and enables delivery of sophisticated solutions
  • Innovative, low risk, low cost designs based on our solid expertise in sub-micron CMOS processes and other advanced technology
  • Turnkey IC solutions — and a single, highly reliable partner from concept through design, test, system integration and production
  • In-house 3D integration of diverse technologies via wafer stacking; sensor hybridization
  • A highly skilled design team and production-ready facility that help bring your product to market quickly

The ICDC is a proven resource for defense, aerospace and commercial customers. To learn more about the center and explore how we can work together, contact us at: rvsicdesign@raytheon.com or (805) 562-2054 (PST)

Proven Performance – Collaborative Design Approach

The IC Design Center has created over 400 successful designs. We've also delivered more than 450,000 silicon devices, keyed to industry-specific customer needs. Our innovative designs support a wide range of specialized products and applications — including electro-optical sensors, biometric scanners and medical devices.

We work closely with you from the outset to understand your goals and requirements and devise a customized solution to meet them. Robust design reviews are essential to the process. Partnering with customers from concept through testing enables us to identify and solve problems early and deliver timely, well-focused results.

Leading-Edge Intellectual Property – Extensive Support Network

The ICDC brings a wealth of Raytheon resources to its projects. With 63,000 employees worldwide, Raytheon is a global technology leader recognized for innovation and strong project management. Its many assets include top science and engineering talent, leading industry partners and state-of-the art lab and test facilities.

When you work with the ICDC, you can rely on this vast network to solve your most difficult technical challenges.

Capability and Services

Analysis and Simulation

  • Noise, power and temperature analysis
  • 3D parasitic extraction, corners and Monte Carlo analysis
  • Custom clock generation and power management

Circuit Layout and Verification

  • State-of-the-art cadence, mentor and synopsis CAD tools
  • JTAG digital scan chains
  • Wafer-stitching layout techniques (for larger die)
  • Radiation hard layouts

Integrated Circuit Testing

  • Wafer probing (cryogenic/room temperature)
  • High speed analog and digital interfaces (>3GBps)
  • Ultra-low-noise characterization
  • Cryogenic temperature (4.2K to room temperature)
  • High-volume production
  • Electro-optical characterization
  • Data acquisition, reduction, reporting, imaging

Process Development

  • Standard cell library development and characterization
  • Design for test (DFT), design for manufacturability (DFM)
  • Cryogenic model generation

Partnerships with Leading Foundries

Our partnerships with U.S. ITAR-compliant foundries (0.25μm to 28nm) provide access to leading-edge production capabilities such as:

  • High performance mixed signal technology (cryogenic models, precision MIM capacitors)
  • Uncooled micro bolometer post-processing
  • 3D-enabling technology (wafer-to-wafer bonding)
  • System-on-Chip (SoC) fabrication
  • Production of radiation tolerant circuits


Imaging designs for the x-ray, visible, infrared, terahertz and millimeter wave regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Our product lines offer imaging solutions for sensing systems in a variety of applications:

  • Military/Defense/Security
  • Space
  • Astronomy
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Commercial

On-Chip Features


  • Digital, Analog, and Hybrid Pixel designs
  • Analog to Digital Conversion (9 to 14 bit)
    • Power figure of merit as low as 90 μW/MSPS
    • Low noise with low differential nonlinearity
  • Digital-to-analog conversion (DAC)
  • Very linear signal chain design
    • Typical < +/- 0.5% End to End
  • Enhanced anti-blooming control
  • Complex scan (windowing) capabilities
  • Image Processing
    • Digital Time Delay and Integration (TDI)
    • Non-uniformity correction - Offset and gain correction
    • Programmable pixel selection
    • Real time digital image processing with 900k gates and 3Mbit SRAM
  • Radiation Hard by Design Circuits
    • High level total dose tolerance
    • Single Event Upset and Single Event Latch Up immune designs
    • Logic with redundancy and voting circuits
  • Design & validation over wide temperature range – 4K to 400K
  • Phase Lock Loops
  • Clock and bias generation
  • Various programmability features such as clocks, biases, windowing, gain, etc
  • Built In Self Test
    • JTAG digital scan chains
    • Analog signal stimulus generation
    • Memory check
    • PRBS (Pseudo-Random Bit Sequence) signal generators
    • Parity checking


Input & Output Interfaces


  • CMOS
  • LVDS (TIA/EIA 644 Compliant)
  • Sub-LVDS
  • MIPI
  • CML
  • 8B/10B Encoding
  • Error Correcting & Parity Codes
  • Differential/Single Ended Voltage and Current (Analog Output)