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Next Generation High Frequency Surface Wave Radar (HFSWR)

Next Generation High Frequency Surface Wave Radar (HFSWR)

Persistent Active Surveillance of the Exclusive Economic Zone

Raytheon Next Generation High Frequency Surface Wave Radar (HFSWR) provides persistent, active surveillance of ship traffic in the 200 nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The key sensor in providing the fundamental layer of cooperative and non-cooperative surface tracks to the Recognized Maritime Picture (RMP), HFSWR is an unmanned shore based sensor that operates around the clock and in all sea state conditions.

Raytheon HFSWR is deployed and operational with systems on the Indian Ocean and on the Black Sea. The first Next Generation HFSWR will be deployed on Canada's East Coast in 2012. Next Generation HFSWR is an evolution of our pioneering SWR503 MK2 radar which was the first ship tracking HFSWR system to achieve full operational status and is the only HFSWR that has been subsequently exported and commissioned for international naval operations for the detection and tracking of ships within the EEZ.

Next Generation HFSWR is built on key patents that cover the areas of signal transmission, target detection, tracking, interference suppression and common frequency operation – key innovations that allow multiple radar systems to operate in the very congested HF band without causing mutual interference, or interference to and from others users of the band. In addition, HFSWR is exportable technology and is not ITAR controlled.

Fisheries Management and Environmental Protection

A powerful tool in the struggle to manage fisheries and protect the marine environment for future generations, Raytheon HFSWR is a force multiplier that allows for the efficient and effective deployment of surface and airborne patrol and interdiction assets. HFSWR presents a very compelling business case to nations with limited resources and large EEZs by enabling fisheries to be managed profitably and in a sustainable manner while minimizing the need for costly and ineffective patrols. In the race to preserve our oceans, HFSWR is a highly affordable game changer.


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