TTL Command and Control

Seamless and secure tracking and communication among mission planners, field personnel, and central command elements are essential to mission success. Raytheon's Gotham system is a comprehensive back-end solution for monitoring, operating, and managing tagging, tracking, and locating (TTL) devices and viewing associated geospatial data.

A Common Situational Picture for Military and Emergency Operations

With the ability to track assets and targets — and to communicate with team members and devices — Gotham enables networked team decision-making, control of resources, shared resource dispatching, and adaptability to change based on operational requirements.

In a disaster, communication among emergency responders and control of needed assets are vital to the safety and security of personnel and the public, as well as the effective execution of the disaster response mission.

Imagine a disaster scenario where a team in the field is equipped with Raytheon devices for personnel, vehicle, and resource tracking and mobile situational awareness — while commanders in the Command and Control Center are logged into Gotham via a secure web interface.

Through Gotham, team commanders have a common operating picture of all the linked TTL devices. They can see all messages exchanged among team members, view tracking data, obtain information on device status, and directly communicate with two-way-capable devices. They can also remotely configure specific devices. A commander with higher level access can see any team in the hierarchy.

In the field, the users of the two-way-capable devices exchange messages among one another as well as with Gotham. Data from Gotham is pushed to Raytheon handheld situational awareness devices to allow users in the field to see all other linked devices on a map display, share points of interest, navigate to their positions, and be alerted if any team member triggers an emergency distress signal.

Centralized Monitoring and Device Management

Gotham provides real-time situational awareness and asset tracking by consolidating position, status, and message information and enabling communication with two-way-capable units.

Gotham furnishes a common operating picture for linked devices and incorporates tools for:

  • Central monitoring, control, and messaging
  • Geospatial data visualization
  • Device communications and remote configuration
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Device group management

Gotham provides the following benefits:

  • Allows secure access via an encrypted web interface
  • Enables centralized or remote monitoring and control
  • Permits device data and messages to be transmitted globally to Raytheon's mobile situational awareness devices to provide an on-the-move tracking and monitoring capability
  • Can be hosted on a closed customer network if required
  • Works with Raytheon's family of TTL products
  • Permits third-party devices to be seamlessly integrated, displayed, and monitored in the same interface
  • Allows real-time data export to other customer command and control systems to leverage existing capabilities and investments

Key Features and Benefits


  • Situational awareness
  • Central monitoring and management of linked devices
  • Secure, authenticated access to users worldwide
  • Device-to-device and central-to-device communication
  • Tools for visualization, data filtering, and analysis
  • Imagery and vector views
  • Integration with third-party devices
  • End-to-end encryption for security
  • Hierarchical access control model for group management
  • Geo-fencing
  • Emergency signaling and messaging
  • Command and control of two-way devices
  • Secure text, audio, and video communications



  • Tactical military operations
  • Asset tracking and management for emergency response
  • Personnel recovery and search and rescue operations
  • Intelligence missions

Unique Technical and Operational Knowledge of Your TTL Missions

At Raytheon, we have a proven track record of providing innovative and effective solutions to the First Responder, Intelligence, and Defense Communities. Our technical field support personnel are deployed with U.S. Government elements worldwide to provide direct support to ongoing operations. Between our personnel in the field and our engineers, scientists, researchers, and analysts, we fill the gap from technology creation to real-world deployment by moving solutions quickly into operations.

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