FoXTEN display


Fully open. Forward thinking.

FoXTEN is a fully open intelligence platform that gives the U.S. Army the ability to rapidly incorporate new capabilities, from any developer, as soldiers in the field require them. Low power, lightweight, intuitive to use, and easy to deploy, FoXTEN enhances decision-making when and where the mission demands.

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Open architecture advantages

FoXTEN is an open architecture product, allowing the U.S. Army to rapidly incorporate new capabilities from any developer as they become available. FoxTEN combines the best of today’s innovation that’s also readily adaptable for tomorrow’s mission needs.

Portable and powerful

FoXTEN is lightweight, low power and when loaded onto a commercial laptop, can easily be deployed and used by soldiers in the field.

Actionable intel at the speed of the mission

FoXTEN connects warfighters to intelligence from numerous agencies and sources, quickly and easily allowing them to make mission decisions when operating in remote environments.

Keeps warfighters connected

FoXTEN requires little power and can operate at low-transmission speeds, or even when disconnected, to ensure soldiers have access to situational awareness in the most austere environments.

Easy to learn and use

FoXTEN is streamlined and intuitive, so soldiers can learn how to operate the system quickly. Compared to current systems, training time is cut from 24+ hours to 8.