Enhanced Position Location Reporting System (EPLRS)

Enhanced Position Location Reporting System (EPLRS)

EPLRS, the Army's Data Networking System for the digitized battlefield, provides the warfighter with the integrated network that supports warfighting systems and assures command control cycle superiority.

EPLRS provides robust, on-the-move, high-speed, automated data exchange using a contention-free networking architecture. This guarantees speed of service to time-critical users.

elrps-1The far-reaching capabilities of EPLRS apply to a wide variety of mission areas. Effective Air Defense demands the distribution of command and control information and the exchange of air track data. EPLRS is the reliable communication system selected to meet those demands.

Fire Support benefits immensely from the system's ability to distribute artillery fire requests and mission support data to multiple destinations, simultaneously. EPLRS fulfills the Intelligence/Electronic Warfare's demanding requirements for collecting data from widely dispersed systems in the forward battle areas, and sending the information back to the combat force.

The EPLRS network is a reliable system that automatically reconfigures itself to overcome the line-of-sight limitations of UHF communications as well as jamming threats. The data communication and position location-reporting and navigation functions of the EPLRS system play an integral role in Logistic Support operations.

With EPLRS, military forces can leverage extensive on-the-move networking capabilities for enhancing situational awareness and command and control capabilities when supporting joint missions with U.S. forces. With more than 16,000 radios currently fielded across all four U.S. Armed Services, EPLRS provides the largest integrated tactical data network for today's highly mobile fighting force.