Embedded Encryption Solutions

Proven On Every Platform

Ideal for applications that demand minimal size, weight, power, and cost requirements, Raytheon embedded solutions are designed to service the complete spectrum of cryptographic environments and platforms.

From exportable commercial to Type 1 root-of-trust processors to complete cryptographic modules, Raytheon embedded devices meet requirements of the NSA’s Crypto Modern Initiative, provide compatibility with legacy algorithms, and programmability for future applications.

All versions of the Enhanced Crypto Card (ECC), which is used in conjunction with the L-3 STE Phone for Secure Voice Application, are now available with new batteries.



  • PROTEUS Crypto Module (PCM) – High-assurance Suite A/B Crypto Module
  • MYK-85 – RISC-based Key Management Unit
  • MYK-185A – NSA-certified Root-of-Trust processor for embedded applications
  • KSV-21 – Enhanced Crypto Card for secure communications