DeepStrike Missile

Double combat power at a fraction of the cost

Preserving peace and stability around the world calls for an “overmatch,” an affordable solution that offers greater range, precision and combat power than that of potential adversaries. Raytheon is answering the call with the new DeepStrike® missile, a longer-range weapon based on advanced technologies that will allow the U.S. Army to field twice as many missiles on its existing launch vehicles.

The new DeepStrike missile was developed for the Army’s Precision Strike Missile requirement. The launcher will fire two missiles from a single weapons pod, an innovative and differentiated design that slashes the cost to the customer and doubles the combat power. The missile flies farther, packs more punch and incorporates a more superior guidance system than the current weapon, which is rapidly becoming obsolete.

Raytheon has integrated the DeepStrike missile into the Army's M142 HIMARS and M270 MLRS launchers. The new missile's range and speed will enable Army combat units to engage targets over vast geographic areas in high-threat environments.

As the next generation of surface-to-surface weapon for the Army, the DeepStrike missile will:

  • Offer a low-cost solution.
  • Double the firepower.
  • Defeat fixed land targets at 300-499 kilometers.
  • Improve lethality and target set over current systems.
  • Provide flexibility in the future battlespace.

Raytheon is a preferred provider of overmatch solutions for both U.S. and international ground forces. The company is also building partnerships with international firms to offer new combat solutions based on existing technologies and future innovations.

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