Command View® Mission Solutions

Decisions are made at the speed of understanding.

Raytheon specializes in making sense of data from sources around the globe and turning it into usable information to inform military officials and first responders.

The company integrates and synchronizes these masses of data with its Command View® Mission Solutions, a suite of systems for managing C5I™ products and services for satellite communication, transmission of data, computer security services, and more.

The Command View integrated system places decision makers in a cyber-secure, common-computing environment where they can collect timely, critical information and act decisively to avert a crisis or rapidly respond to resolve an emergency.

The benefits of Command View Mission Solutions include:

  • Collaboration from strategic to tactical information sharing for achieving situation understanding
  • Mobile applications support command on the move and continuous access to information
  • Common Computing Environment integrates command, control, communications, computers and intelligence (C4I), enabling a common operating picture and simplify training efforts
  • Scalability of strategic and tactical solutions to meet any size requirement
  • Planning-to-Execution capabilities for all Civil, Joint, Air Force, Army, and Maritime forces
  • Synchronization applications enable military and civil operations on a cyber-secure network
  • Multilingual applications enable translation for coalition operations and global emergencies
  • High-bandwidth performance processes data at lightning-fast speeds
  • Layered-architecture design allows for easy enhancements and integration of existing tools

Command View Mission Solutions allows commanders in control centers, remote battlefields or city streets to respond to any situation with confidence and precision.