Common Ground Control System (CGCS)

Shaping the common approach to unmanned aerial vehicle management.

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are improving how the United States and allies defend our way of life by conducting multiple reconnaissance and surveillance missions, delivering intelligence to those who need it when they need it for directing soldiers to their targets, enemy monitoring, situation assessment and border surveillance. Issues that impact UAS operations include procedural errors, ground station design, limited field of view and human factors. These problems have led to multi-million dollar UAS crashes and failed missions.

An open, common ground control station is the right solution and Raytheon is helping to shape the common approach to unmanned aerial vehicle management. The Raytheon Common Ground Control System is unique as the only ground control system where the United States government has full administration purpose rights to the common core UAS C2 software and interfaces. The government has the source code to the UAS framework, owns the open, documented interfaces and makes them readily available for vendors to adapt and compete to provide the latest innovative ideas and applications. CGCS is a revolutionary, next-generation control system designed to address UAS operations issues by enhancing the performance and effectiveness of the operator.

Common Ground Control System :

  • Allows UAS management functions to be distributed across the total enterprise
  • Minimizes UAS issues by being operator-centric