Confirm and Diagnose Sensor (CDS)

Enhanced detection of buried threats

Confirm and Diagnose Sensor (CDS) is a modular, non-invasive tactical maneuvers support capability for the real-time detection, confirmation and diagnosis of Explosive Ordnance (EO) hazards, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), mines and other buried/concealed threats.

The CDS system enables EO disposal/specialist high-threat search operators to view, in real-time, the exact position, orientation, size and shape of all individual components of an emplaced or suspected EO hazard, IED or other buried threat. Designed for day/night operation, it delivers extremely high-definition, easy to interpret imagery.

Operated from entirely from a rugged tactical computer, CDS automatically geo-tags all EO hazard/IED imagery for easy After Action Review and intelligence collection.

The system can be deployed in three ways:

  • As a man-portable tripod-mounted capability for the dismounted EO disposal/specialist high-threat search operator
  • Remote stand-off Confirmation and Diagnosing capability integrated on any small/medium-sized Remote Controlled Vehicle Unmanned Ground Vehicle
  • In an array-mounted configuration, integrated on to any type GPR array antenna to give the host system enhanced IED detection, and full confirmation and diagnosing capability

CDS is modular and features a fully open architecture, allowing for wider usage when coupled with different primary sensors. including: Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Non-Linear Junction Detectors (NLJD) or Command Wire (CW) detection systems. The system’s detection capability includes all current improvised pressure plates (high, medium, low and zero metal content), battery packs and main charges.

Offering the highest probability of detection, with extremely low false alarm rates, the baseline system comprises:

  1. A CDS sensor for imaging the target
  2. A light source capability, which utilizes laser imaging technology to illuminate the area of interest
  3. A compact Tactical Acoustic Source
  4. A compact tactical display/processor with intuitive tactical user interface
  5. A power system appropriate to the user requirement

Raytheon UK-designed and funded, CDS is a 100 percent non-ITAR capability, allowing for ease of export.