Battlespace Command and Control Center (BC3)

Raytheon Solipsys is an industry leader in the development of integrated Command and Control (C2) network-centric solutions for the domestic and international DoD and Homeland Security. We provide the C2 infrastructure necessary to effectively control security and military forces in any environment.

Our product suite allows customers to augment existing programs with custom elements or construct an entire distributed Command and Control system from the ground up. All products, technical support, training, and analysis packages are offered through traditional contracting vehicles and are available on the GSA schedule to simplify procurement.

BC3 supports airspace management, mission execution, and flight advisories. It efficiently displays multiple independent views of the tactical data, to assist operators in gaining and maintain situational awareness. Data from the single integrated picture can be visualized simultaneously in multiple ways. Multiple data views allow operators to rapidly gain and maintain situational awareness. Standard views in the core product include tactical situational 2D display, 3D displays tracks, shapes, points, lines and terrain in 3D, magnified independent 2D views, and charts / graphs including altitude vs time.

Build in collaboration tools enable operators to communicate swiftly and effectively. There are built in collaboration groups and operators can organize information and interact with other operators / participants efficiently and effectively as a group.  Other tools include chat, shared track lists, telestrator drawings, off-screen indicators, and spotlighting.  The portal and thin client can facilitate collaboration with additional stakeholders.

Air Tasking Order (ATO) application automates the process of building and maintaining an accurate picture of friendly air assets. The ATO application is a centralized repository for air operations mission plans. They automatically associate Friendly Forces aircrafts to the ATOs. The friendly air picture is developed and maintained using ATO information.

Airspace Control Order (ACO) capability allows simplified ingestion, sharing, and updating of Battlespace awareness. Only one crewmember is needed to create ACO changes and implement a received ACO change. All members of the network receive ACO inputs and changes and can display ACO graphically.

Doctrines enable automatic system actions based upon operator-defined rules.  Operators can create, modify, and manage operational conditions statements for decision assistance.  When these conditions are met, the system will take actions to aid in decision making to include ID assignments and operator alerts including creating and executing an identification matrix, automatically checking for the presence of friend or enemy, and use airspace control measures, boundaries, or buffer zones to trigger surveillance actions and alert operators on tracks of interest.

Key Features:

  • Operates on Commercial Hardware and Software
  • Geodetic Registration
  • Multiple views of tactical data
  • Tracking
  • Built-in collaboration tools
  • Integrated Air Tasking Orders (ATO)
  • Integrated Airspace Control Order (ACO)
  • Doctrine Application
  • Customizable Symbology
  • Spotlighting
  • Sensor Interfaces
  • Tabular Displays / Lists
  • Imagery Server