BAT Personnel Tracking Device

Bat-cuThe ability to locate and track personnel and allow them to securely communicate and signal an emergency situation are critical elements in operational missions. Raytheon's satellite-based beaconing and messaging device, the Blackbird Asset Tracker (BAT) offers crucial situational awareness in mission-critical situations.

The small, easy-to-use BAT hand-held device is widely used by military, law enforcement, and first responder elements for personnel tracking, emergency signaling, messaging, and asset/target tracking. The BAT can work in conjunction with Raytheon's other leading-edge tagging, tracking, and locating (TTL) solutions and our Gotham central C3 and monitoring system.

Personnel Tracking in a Simple, Rugged, Hand-Held Device

The BAT allows users to be tracked in near real-time. The unit operates on commercial batteries and can be carried in a standard uniform or tactical vest pocket. It supports encrypted messaging and incorporates a high-precision GPS receiver, selectable beacon intervals, four manual brevity message buttons, and an emergency signaling mode. The 5.0” x 2.75” x .875” BAT is Globalstar based and has coverage over most land mass areas with one-way messaging, tracking, and emergency signaling.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Secure, reliable, and precise tracking of personnel in operational situations
  • Emergency signaling to shorten response timelines
  • Encryption with device-unique keys for high security
  • Two-way messaging for applicable devices
  • Central monitoring and control of deployed teams
  • Decreased exposure of personnel to risk
  • Intuitive and simple to use in high-stress situations
  • Compact form factor for easy carry


  • Tactical military deployments
  • Personnel recovery missions
  • Natural disaster responses
  • Humanitarian or remote infrastructure-building activities
  • Law enforcement operations
  • Intelligence-gathering missions

Unique Technical and Operational Knowledge of Your TTL Missions

At Raytheon, we have a proven track record of providing innovative and effective solutions to the First Responder, Intelligence, and Defense Communities. Our technical field support personnel are deployed with U.S. Government elements worldwide to provide direct support to ongoing operations. Between our personnel in the field and our engineers, scientists, researchers, and analysts, we fill the gap from technology creation to real-world deployment by moving solutions quickly into operations.

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